He told me I drank too much
And not to use a knife on his nonstick pan
And don’t put the cutlery in the dishwasher
He said he expected my family to be trashier
Like the time I kicked over the can
And flung its contents across the springy lawn
Or the time I shattered the window with my keys
And crushed the shards of glass with my fists
And I revved my engine
And I collided into the horn
But he still showed up
Pending my release
Following me out
Tracking me down
I’d drive to the ends of the earth for you.
He said in whispers and undertones
Like a secret’s only kept if
No one knows
Did you know?
I cried and I called and I pleaded,
I prayed, I longed, I ached, I drank,
I pounded my head with a hammer
I lived
No response is a response.

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