You’re not from the beach
You’re from Brooklyn
I saw everything, I wrote it down,
A diligent historian of our darkest hours,
Brightest moods, haunted hospital rooms, and
Woeful promises to do better
Be better
We’ll come out on the other side BETTER
Like weathered sailors abandoning the
Skeleton ship setting up new lives on
Uncharted islands
We prevailed
We survived
We defeated the doubts and the demons
And they fizzled out to bad dreams
Recurring themes buried in the subconscious
Buoyed up by the past
The story will follow you
The words will not dissipate, dissolve, disappear
You can’t keep hiding who you were
You’re still this selfish kid
Who stepped on feet
Who spilled drinks
Who didn’t care
Who never thought you’d survive
But you lived
It doesn’t make it stop hurting
It makes you think it’s stopped

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