Morbid Curiosity

O say can you see
It’s all unfolded right in front of you
Turn your head, drop your shield
Stop defending the losing army
Bad loans only get worse
You’re projecting, protecting, reflecting
On the glamour of staged photographs
Living lies
This is happening right before your eyes
They will let us down
They will keep doing it
They will never surprise you
You can ignore the bodies, but the flies
Will swarm
Then the rats, then the vultures, then the pieces disappear,
and we’re left with puzzles, footprints, dental records, carbon dating, mythology
This happened
This all happened
Tomorrow’s not easier just because today worked
I miss you
I wrote to you
I reached out to the stars
And the dust burned my hands and I was left with stinging scars, singed cavities, tribal marks
Of the person you once were

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