He had it coming

My monster is dead
After all this, after all that
Begging, bath tubs, hanging on doors
Screaming, sirens, red lights, white walls
I wanted to be the one
You possessed me, that night,
Down the stairs, out in the street
Pooled out like leaded antifreeze
Poisoned and green
The balm of heat
The stink of sweat
The cathedral burned but the apostles were gone already
Was there glory? Was there pain?
Were you there?
I wanted to regrent, lament, sympathize,
Think of the family
Send flowers, release butterflies at your grave
But you did this
The keys, the cages, the letters, the lies
Falling for you, hiding with you
Raw blistered revenge
Do you think karmic retribution catches up?
What’s done in the darkness ever brightens up?
I hate to admit, I was relieved
To imagine your unbelted body hurtling from this realm
Taking your virulence and your violence
Your false charity
I only regret, that my monster is dead
And I didn’t get to watch

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