Forgive me, I wailed at the wall
I scrawled out my sentiment
Crammed it into the crevice
Believing this God may listen
Did he see me? Did I leave the door open?
You were listening but I wasn’t speaking
I never told anyone I never let on
I swallowed the secrets
Guilt corroded by throat
Did you taste acid in the morning?
Did you gasp for air in heavy heat?
What do I have to do to reach you?
Calling, writing, willing my thoughts
Kinetic cosmos of communication
Are you listening?
Will you answer me?
They say I’m demanding
I’m alienating
I’m exhausting
I refuse to accept a background role
When you come in the night
And chill my soul
I’ll be waiting
I’ve been stewing
I’ll know exactly what to say
I’ve been writing it down for years

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