New year, old me

We always say it’s Day 1
It’s so much easier to make it Day 1 instead of Day 2
IT’s a new day, or new week, a new year
Anything to wipe the slate clean, and forgive us our sins, and start over, and be born again
Leave all our remorse and regret behind
Like it’s a past life, like it was just a bad dream, like those people we hurt won’t remember, like those crimes won’t count because the police weren’t looking
But you never keep your resolution, but you only superficially change
You’re still bitter and broken and no amount of band aids or therapy will put you back together.
There’s no pill for this
No potion to make us good
We’re evil and delusional and we’re singing Auld Lang Syne and lanking glasses to a Happy New Year
But midnight’s just a time
And Day 1 is just Day 2 in disguise

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