I have a carry-on that won’t fit in the overhead bin
Purses, cases, pillows spew out
As I tetris my bag into place
But it will not stay
There is no space under the gray, reclined seat
No room in the bulging overweight suitcase
That will rotate on the monstrous conveyour belt
As the crew haphazardly tosses our most intimate things
Shelled by leather and polyester
Inside these shells, a tumultuous minglings of gift store souveniers, lighters you can’t get past security, official tailored suits, soiled sets of lingerie
I carry on
Plunging cocktail dresses to earn me a drink
Collapsible skeletons buring to reconstruct
Int the next closet they hang
I carry on
The guilt of your warm wishes and farewells, the crowded schedule about to lose its balance when the wrong encounters overlap
I carry on
Scraps worthy of books but too damaging to disclose too confidential to expose
And the remnants of our broken hearts.

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