Boys and girls

Boys and girls with broken hearts and dachy throats
And leaky ducts and hot heads
Are torn apart my monogamous love
Like two puzzle pieces forced together
Unconnected from the rest of the picture
Boys like girls like their mothers
Small, fragile, future incubators
Manifesting cardinal desire to procreate
But once destroyed they cannot recreate
Boys use girls for their soft skin and painted nails
And warm little bodies like mobile teddy bears
Silky dresses like flowing curtains
The ones a thieving child hides behind
With something he cannot have in his pocket
Boys hate girls for their wandering eyes
And vindictive nature and open legs
“They are whores in whores’ clothing
Whores who had never been young
And had no word for innocence.”
But every cracked shell was once an egg
Pristine, unscathed, the whitest white
A slate waiting to be pockmarked
Scuffed and chipped
Until the soul oozes out
And fried in the summer heat

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