My dear

My dear,
Can you feel our future?
You don’t want a future with anyone you just want to fall in love your whole life
And why not?
New touching, holding, kissing, the excitement of that first time legs opening, eyes widening
Why not
‘Stay up all night getting to know you instead of staying all night trying to sleep next to you again even though I’m sick of your breath your look, how you always get too drunk and break my glasses in the kitchen sink and how it used to be magnetic not forced like a chore, like an obligatory duty to keep you drained and not wandering not dreaming about the girl at the office who dresses like a slut and she knows it trying to get you to look at her, but you don’t want her either you just want to tell her enough stories to get a first kiss and if that’s good maybe more
You don’t pay whores for sex, you pay them to leave.

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