Who slayed Achilles?
How did you get down to the heel so fast? I felt like there was so much more body to go through, so much more discovery ahead, a long journey of pleasant scenery and secret passageways but we’re there already. YOu slidced my tendon and left me for dead, unable to walk away or follow you or do anything but stay, strangled with vicious words, callous actions, a few raging rants that left me in tears in hopeless confusion that the man I so adore can morph into such an animal, fangs and claws and patches of fur with moldy wounds between battle scars of past lives, past fights
Last night – you called and spoke to me so sweetly and within a day you rip me to shreds, starting with that mortal tear to that vial muscle rendering me useless unable to fight fair or steer clear of your instigation wave your sign, preach your line, you don’t get to decide when I’ve had enough

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