No trespassing

My dear, how dare you
You can get to me, but I can’t get to you.
Two lit windows in a sordid building off the main road in a parking space with no intention of getting out but blocking the other cars isn’t neighborly and getting out crosses the line.
The lines on your face from years of getting what you want and just having it blow up in your face. I bet you do this with all the girls, those girls you told me about that you used to love, used to be married to
I won’t break up a family, I won’t be that girl, I cried the whole way to Chicago because I knew sitting next to you in the secret coffee house would be the closest I’d ever get to being held by you in way I never thought I could be held before, big hands, warm chest, I’d touch your hair the way we all want our heads to be stroked.
Don’t make me that girl, you’ll never love that girl, you’ll keep waiting for her to cross another no trespassing sign.

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