Something about sex, it’s still so relevant
Still such a driving force behind establishing a relationship (true, or false, or otherwise)
No matter how old I get, he gets, they get, the game is still played the same way … take the time to connect emotionally, conquer, then flee
How is it still conquest and peace?
What kind of peace my life would have if I wasn’t always on guard, second guessing, investigating lies I just assume exist?
“Why would you think he’s lying to you?”
Because he did it before and I didn’t catch it because he still chose her, ring and all, even though I have better hair
Because he still brought her to Paris – though I hear he’s left her now
And I ran away and they’re still everywhere
Chasing roses, constraining my ocus, and even though I know it’s all a scheme he doesn’t mean
I hold him close and whisper
Say you’ll never let me go

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