Send Money

The binding is too tight and the blood keeps recirculating, the same stream heavy with sediments, drifting sentiments, you can’t shake this, you can’t alter DNA, you can’t get all dressed up in black and spend money you don’t have on liquor you don’t want to drink just to maybe dream
Somewhere between sedation and the soul I’ll find you and they won’t be here and none of this will have happened and I won’t bleed and you won’t need an explanation
Maybe I’ll get there tonight and this next hit will be enough to transcend reality
I meant to do it
I meant everything
If I were you, I would have burned this house down, up in flames, down the rabbit hole, there you are, there you were, there you will be again
If I can fight if I can hold back total blackness to rest in Purgatory with you and not in this gray cold windowless room bound to handcuffs that are too tight.

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