Assassination Attempts

As they say in Washington DC, “No comment.”
Worse than any comment, the silence you’ve created between us like a wall-maintained PR boundary
You shut me out when you want to but when their backs are turned there you are
In a single message, a sign, a signal, a flash of you I saw or did I?
In the distance, driving, turned to the side, walking away
I can orchestrate this reality where you’re non existent and there’s no map and I can’t even track you down
Even if I wanted to
But the number’s stuck in my head
And your name
That only I say, I’ll never hear it again because I’ll never have you to call it and I’ll scramble the letters and scatter the ashes and put on the blinders and look forward down the tunnel, around the corner, you were going too fast
You should have slowed down

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