She lives off diamonds and gasoline
Feeding on what she has to
Grandiose delusion
Curated with the precision of a gallery
Exhibiting the best angles
This is how I want you to see me
I will pose. I will showcase. I will illustrate
This wonderland where you think I live
With my rabbit and my blue dress
And my many friends and my many elegant engagements
And you’ll believe
I’m always this put together
And it takes no energy at all
To persuade you that I”m perfect
And I didn’t do it
And you won’t notice my ways
When I’m alone in front of the mirror
And she’s looking back at me
She lied to us
And it’s just old stories in a new outfit
And her eyes are not window
And her soul is long gone
This is who she is
Dim light shining through frosted glass
I”m not afraid of falling
I’m afraid of wanting to jump

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