That place

I woke up when time stopped
It was between 3 and 4 and the lights
Were off, and you weren’t there,
As you’re usually not
And my thoughts kept going, kept ticking,
Kept revolving the Earth as she stood
Stationary on an iron axis strong enough
To withstand the abuse
Even though we keep fighting, I keep trying,
To make you see it my way
How can you not?
I keep calling you, telling you,
Showing you, begging you
I just got my life the way I want it
And the pawns are in line
And the cash is stacked
Like arbitrary overvaluation makes paper currency
There’s only currently, with still hands
And straight lines, denoting passage
And failures
The sand rolls down the sides
Like the curves just enough
To tease them
Not hold them
Stop them
Suspend them in time.

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