Last Page

I remember, I was there
Did you think I couldn’t hear the screaming?
I saw the flecks of glass on the sidewalk,
I heard the promise, saw you leave, like you weren’t coming back.
You pretend it didn’t happen.
We carry on, exchange gifts and thank you cards
And muffled phone calls and milestones,
Map around the dark spot, the blip,
The radar still detects it,
The soundwaves still represent it,
Certain sounds, certain scrapes, certain schemes
A carefully crafted cover up, you perpetuate
Like enough layers of paint make the masterpiece dry
I’m not worried about impressing you
You’re wined down and docile
And ready to ruin your life
You can’t win
You can’t bet against the house
Underserved confidence
Propelled arrogance
We see what we want
I wilted in your clenched fist

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