Catching Up

You’ll be happy to know, I got everything I had coming to me.
And now I’m even again.
Tired of doing the things I have to do
So I can do the things I want to do
Just like everybody else
You’d never know it was me
You’d never think I was capable of what I did, how I did it
Those hotels in San Juan
I don’t raise my voice anymore, I don’t hide
Find me, watch me, look for me,
On crowded sidewalks
In contrived fantasies
So far from what really happened
Refurbished constitutions
Reflecting what you felt
You used to feel. You used to think
About yourself and other inconsequential things
Soaked in self-grandeur
Not swept up in the carousel of other people’s problems and other people’s goals
You were hurt, you felt pain
That does not go away
Muscle memory, tucked between ligaments and loose ends
We don’t do it because it’s right
We do it for revenge.

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