I’m not broken, I lived through it
And I never got caught
Up we go, this ascension into forged memories
You don’t remember everything just what you want to
What makes the story fit into this narrative you’re trying to rewrite
Where there’s no payback
Just boot-strapped recovery
That’s not how this happened
I knew you were with her
I didn’t have to see anything, just guilty gray eyes
Saddened fake surprise
And yet you’re still waiting
For someone that’s not me
Is it latent jealousy?
Oh wondrous envy
How dare I make it out alive
Not out of touch, but out of play
Out of reach, not out of view
Don’t think I’m not watching you
Scale and climb and stack karmic chips in your favor
But when you coil to strike
I won’t be alarmed
Your ideas wake me.

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