En Masse

You ditched that wrecked car and it rusted
The junk piled up where you parked
A monument to the messes we make
And never ever clean up
Commercialized like it’s not worse every time
Loaded arsenals of misguided rampage
Like thoughts and prayers aren’t just segment bumpers
And we’re not chasing the tally while the news cycles
Through diatribes and monologues
Our problems, their policy
You’re right and you’ll actually change
The deviled mind with religion and peace
What tolerance what shining example
Such martyrdom to trample the cause
Slanted trunks bear the weight
Of fatal mistakes
Empty sentiment forced empathy
Unconnected designs, beguiled minds
Cave under the chaos
Stalled in the silent breaks
On those bad days
Action called – answer
Live coverage will resume in a moment.

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