Happy New Fear

I saw you but you didn’t see me
You were painted into the backdrop
Supporting the subject as expected
Why bother to reject the rejected
The street lights shut off but the sun didn’t rise
And the darkness doused the people and places
A frigid subterranean chokehold
Castrated race horse, squandered ambition,
Strangled voice
I never saw this coming, neither did he
From east to west and back again
From start to end and begin again
Arrivals and departures
I’ve been watching, waiting, turning, pacing
For your life to fall apart
I spent a year in the killing streets
I still think we deserve what we desire
When the smoke clears, I’m still here
Wobbling upright, trading keys,
Impervious to the march of time
I lived, I’ll carry you
When things fall apart we’ll come together
The world is ending and people are
Taking pictures.

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