This must be the place
I go in, someone else comes out
Forgiveness, absolution, go with God
He won’t go with you
Why would anyone follow when they have the chance to lead?
I’ve been leaving, I’ve been left.
I’ve been looking for you and I think I’ll find you
I think you want to be found
I think you left breadcrumbs
I think you live in a gingerbread house
And no huffing, no puffing, will blow this slate clean
Cut the sad songs, hold your howling,
You already said everything
I’m looping, I’m livid, I’m lifted, I’m behind the wheel
And I can’t hold on, can’t steer straight,
Can’t pray for you, can’t concentrate
Do you believe it? Do you lie?
Are you ever alone? Like really alone?
Abandoned, isolated, disconnected, misdirected
Like there’s a chance
And all this fucking time
I’ve been training to capture you.

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