Ramblin’ Man

You’ve stopped haunting my dreams
Now you’re with me all the time. A loaded memory of adventure and better times. When my heart was free and I worked hourly not salaried. Now I’m a white collar slave shackled to a desk and I wonder if you’re still fun. If your life still follows a criss cross path doing what you want when you want.
Happiness is freedom of choice.
Happiness is being exactly where you need to be.
Do you think of me rambling man on your unmapped journey? Do I cross your mind as you lay your head on pillows across the country? You never needed a woman to make you happy I don’t see why you’d think of me. While I have your attention do you remember kissing me on the forehead, putting your hand on my lower back? Do you remember being so overwhelmed with devotion in a pile of blankets on the floor, fuckign for the first time like it was the first time just you and me and cold tile and a thin mattress shedding clothes and sweating buckets before an audience of feverish ghosts?

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