Beautiful Minds

Uppers to stay awake, depressants to sleep. Work, breathe, repeat
Some choose to smoke instead of breathe
Some choose not to breathe at all nor repeat
Some choose to be rich instead of work. Is that how this works?
This cursed existence where we follow the same turbulent funnel of emotions, the same winding trails to the same destinations. And then do it again. As if no lessons were learned or observed or forcibly absorbed.
“Why did I do this to myself again?”
“And why did I the time before?”
And why can’t I stay awake in the morning or fall asleep at night?
When did I make this turn into the eternal roundabout passing through the same cycles of emotions?
Which turn was wrong?
I’ve been turning, turning, turning
With different partners from different parties hand in florid hand on the same trek to the same inevitable disastrous familiar culmination
Hot tears, sore eyes, broken hearts, cut throats
How damned man is to be gifted with such a brilliant mind and not a thing to do with it

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