Love like oxygen

I always get lost when I leave your house and I picture getting in a car accident and I wonder if you picture me without my patina
If you know the bags under my eyes aren’t Chanel
And if 5 years hadn’t passed would I still be bronze? And fit? And sad but in short spurts so that I could still live my life
Sleep at night
Not like this, burned through to the bone and it’s so hot and it never seems to cool down and this city smells like hot garbage and seawater and everyon’es so hot but tempers are subdued and there’s no social justice at 96 degrees
We hover oscillating fans and drip through the floor
Swallowed in summer land, adventure camp and maybe it’s not so final and maybe no one’s keeping track of time and there’s a chance you’ll want to stare and me forever and I’ll oxidize into a work of art, your favorite display but this time I want the right way
Drive carefully, it’s your civic duty

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