There’s nothing more American than a 2nd chance
And yoga is for white people who stop going to church
And we just spend, spend, spend on empty things to make up for the experiences we’ll never have
I made lots of money when everyone else was at Bonnaroo
But I’ve never been to Paris
And I don’t have a passport
And I wonder if being lower class is a lifetime condition and I’ve got no chance of marrying up no matter how good I look or how many yoga classes I sweat through
It’s not lower class, my dad says, it’s called the working poor
And he spends $190,000 a year
And education is restricted to the offspring of the educated and maybe a bachelor’s degree is as far as I can offset the scale of class and wealth and greener grass and leased Audis
Did I miss my chance?
Do I have to wait for the first round of divorces?
Is it possible to do it on my own if I’ve never known anything else?

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