Let the games begin

I like to watch
I like to instigate, facilitate, then walk away.
Feel the anguish that you feel when you have to get over the urge
I like to set it up and watch it fall
No direct demolition, I like to chip away slowly at rusted links until I break the chain.
What if we explored this connection cautiously?
No implications, my invitation, your treat.
You meet me there, I’ll go in first, save you a seat, in the corner, no one knows me here, only you and me and a shot and a beer and your discretion, shared secrecy
I don’t like getting stood up
And there I was up late, on a Saturday night in America, no notifications, no intimacy, red wine, low heat, fighting cold temperatures and I realized no matter how deep I dig and try to take root at the end of the day
I am alone with my accomplishments

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