Lateral Transitions

I am a comet crashing, dismissed from the cosmic realm, cursed to an earthly end. I fall, head over feet in a crumpled mass, my crater is my only home.
How long can I hide amongst the living when I’m most certainly already dead?
Cold blood pumps through crippled veins. I walk, I breathe, it’s just autonomy. Unplug me so I am not forced to exist like this. I’m never going to get better, this is always who I’m going to be. If my heart’s stopped how does the world keep spinning? What axis supports this earth, what vertebrate is so strong it can’t be broken? I want to be broken, I want to be taken apart, I want them to take my little pieces and scatter them in your doorway, in your year, on your bed – everywhere you’ve made me feel complete.
Dismantle me, unhinge my bones and grind me to dust, so airy, it floats effortlessly in the wind
It’s not enough to remember me
Breathe me, let me settle on your skin like a grimy insoluble film, an eternal mourning veil. I will drown you in my remains, I will envelope your exterior and infiltrate your interior like viral lurid dream
While the unforgivable world takes ever predictable returns on an axis so unwavering and cold
How can life go on – how can you live breathing rancid loaded air, walking over shallow graves?

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