I left my lighter on the gas stove
And I got in line behind some parked cars
And I couldn’t tell the difference between 2013 and 2014
I couldn’t remember when it happened
When it started, when it unraveled, when it came together,
When it was easy, when it was not,
What year it was, what season it was,
Why there was ice in March
And how people can hate people they don’t know at all
Or people they used to love
And what love really was
And why the definition mattered
And why my heart beat for you, froze for you,
Broke you, called for you, and you didn’t answer
Or you didn’t hear
You definitely heard
You always hear me, I am sirens, I am harmony
I am the flicker of lights when no one’s home
The shadow no one sees
The smell of gas when the stove’s off.

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