Public relations

They talked, but they didn’t mention you
Cacophonous ramblings, contrived inspiration
Kick starting false starts to rally the sycophants
And make them think they’re more.
You’re more.
You’re not this image no one sees
Do you really think they see anything
Besides their glorified selves, their personas?
They’re intrigued at how much more they can be
In the eyes of someone else who has nothing
Take more, give less
Convince the useless they have use,
In this one specific setting
Feed them fluoride, make them docile,
Pet their heads and shear their wool
So they all look the same
And they won’t be hot in the summer
That keeps getting longer,
But we don’t talk about that,
Don’t talk about anything of substance
Just idle talk, over me, over you
I will be heard, I won’t be drowned out,
I won’t follow you
But when you live in the zoo,
You have to feed the animals

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