There is no honor amongst thieves

She wore white and a diamond cross
Like it meant something, like tradition mattered to her,
Like she would make his coffee,
And raise his children in the church
And he was going to take care of her
And go down on her in Italy
Like it’s possible, like any of it’s possible
If you’re manipulative enough to transcend the fantasy,
Be what he’s looking her,
When he’s looking for it,
Catch him with the lights on, turn the lights off
So he won’t see who you are
What you’ve done, what you did to the others,
Meandering in the wake of the dust
From your destruction
I know what you did.
But no one listens to me.
I am wrong, I saw nothing
Unmark it forget it
Let it go, burn your fingerprints
You can’t hide who you are
I’ll still know
Everyone likes a secret.

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