I was up all night waiting
For something, nothing, everything, anything
To stir the silence, sound the alarm,
Trigger action, beg for reaction,
I have no dynasty here
I had you once
Held captive, you’d called it
Like you know anything about prison
And what it’s like to lose your rights
Pray for forgiveness, fight for your honor
Defend your crest, because it’s code
Make a mess, then go home
You believe in nothing but you pretend
That’s not true
It’s not arrogance, you’re noble
It’s not ignorance, you’re educated
It’s not you, it’s me
Do you still love me?
I can’t let it go
I displace and replace, I put space
Between us, thousands of miles, dozens of states,
And I still saw you in the daylight
Your mind is crazy and tells you lies.

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