Void Where Prohibited

Here you are and there you weren’t and
Where we never seem to be
I used to want it
I don’t want anything anymore
Don’t glorify me, I didn’t ask for this
I was posing, performing, projecting
Your wildest dreams, divine pieces
From a fractured puzzle
Diverging species in a convergent universe
I called out to you
Did you hear me?
Did the fog scatter the sound particles
Like chipped ice, avalanching the scenery
You think it’s white
It’s colorblind
I lied, I lied, I lied
They said it would be easy
They said it wouldn’t matter
Lay down, wake up, I don’t want this
I want purposeful action
Not stages and scenery
Crumbling, stumbling, forging ahead
I used to dream of becoming
A beautiful soul

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