I took a wrong turn twice and I kept going
Looking back at the receding skyline,
Bruised buildings with shelved secrets
I’ve been watching what you’re listening to
Do you remember the stairwell?
Do you remember the way the summer smelled?
I remember that dirty look, piercing hallowed halls
Between exaggerated emotional expression
I’ve never felt so stricken
Your dogging bite
Like it’s my fault, I’m bad
We’re all pretending we’re not bad
Grasping at the illusion of an endpoint
It was a nightmare but I wasn’t dreaming
I can love people, I’ll prove it
Like that makes it different
Like you can just tell me to go away
And I’ll suppress all these feelings
And they’ll tunnel and burrow and
Bury within me
Poisonous regressions, tumorous repressions
My malignant memories
Footprints on my skin, rope burn around my wrists, handprints on my soul
I ache for you

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