Medicated complacency, forced company
I’m so happy to be here
Watching you, doing your things
Fulfilling your dreams
What an honor to bear witness
To shoulder the accolades, carry the trophies,
Arrange the furniture
You weren’t here and I dragged it across
The bare floor and the wood was grinding
And the floor was scuffing
And you’d notice as soon as you got home
So I had to move it back
Maintain the semblance of consistency
Like it’s not insanity
Like repeating what a good time we’re having
Will change the fact that I hate you
But I’m out of options
And I have to hide somewhere
Between strangers and friends
So many people will never forgive me
And I’ll promise I didn’t mean it
And you’ll know that’s not true
And we’ll leave
And the furniture will stay
I’m sorry, did I fuck this all up for you?

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