In Case of Fire Take Stairs

He died from an enlarged heart
And she drank herself to death
Though I’m not sure that’s exactly what happens
You don’t drown, you corrode
From the inside out, so no one notices
While you slowly melt and merge with the water supply
You’ll poison the public, you always have
Your shit attitude, lack of aptitude
That’s not my problem
I can’t make you a man and I wouldn’t
That’s easy, that’s nothing
Flowers, parade, and pomp and circumstance
Rote ritual, it means nothing
There’s no rebuilding this wreck
Once all the pieces are unscrewed
Rolling loose, light repair
This is where this ends
And I think you know it too
I wanted to sneak in when I drove past your house
But what fun’s intrusion
When there’s not the build up of being wanted, being thought of, being watched
I know you saw me too
Though you told me you didn’t
Burnt out, bells ringing, begging for an audience
Just a couple adults balancing on one foot

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