Minute Man

The shower head won’t baptize me
The water’s heat is fleeting
Crass reality cranks onward while your memories
Mingle and the truth becomes unclear
I really don’t think about it at all
In fact, I’ve forgotten most the names
I am so desperate to justify this journey
I have buried what I’ve been through
Unmarked graves, scattered bodies,
Dismembered enemies, failed unity,
Do you really believe we face this with someone else?
Like someone else will walk into traffic
With you
See through the story you keep telling
The redundant recap
No one cares what happened
Your construct is limited
Your view is constricted
Your eyes will swell and cloud with cataract compositions
Of what you thought your life was
What you know if will never be
I was tricked
I was played
I was coerced
They won’t believe me, gilded hall,
Pink dress, mirrored elevator,
rocking side to side
Are you drunk or just dead inside?

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