Broken glass is following me
A penchant plague traveling from state to state
Buried into by back sewing into my seams
You will feel it
Not at first
But I’ll plant my pain
You’ll wake up and it will be the end of the world
And I’ll have betrayed you
Do you think this is easy?
Do you think I sleep at night?
Not rogue hours during the day
Runaway naps, alarms set
I won’t let you catch me down
I locked the deadbolt
I took out the trash
I’ve tucked my face into the pillows
Just to smell your rancor
I watched the moment play by
With agonizing finality
That was it
How could I sleep?
When I had the chance to listen to you
They blame their mothers
They take blood tests
I started this but you’re not innocent
Is that the hour?

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