Happily Ever After

I don’t have it in me
Do you think that’s possible?
I skipped the sequence, the nerve ended
Your deviance persisted, unbridled, unhinged
What you want, when you want
Like there’s NO order, NO justice, NO cosmos
Sweet morning notes
Scrawled on receipt paper and coupons
Forgive me
I had the courage to ask
Didn’t ignore it, didn’t hide it
Didn’t willfully dismiss it, like some dream,
Some delusion
You’ll use it to blame me, when the train’s pulling in
And you have one ticket,
And you left my bag,
And I never packed it,
And you changed the locks,
And I threw away the key,
And the cobwebs were creeping from crown molding to the ceiling
And it didn’t matter how beautiful it looked
Because the damage was danger
Though I never believed it
Skirting perimeters, pushing odometers
We were limitless
But I think the walls are closing in
And the plaster is chipping, and there’s
This devastating poison underneath

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