Some of it’s the same and some of it’s different
How can everyone just agree it’s not that bad?
Are they in on the secret?
Does everybody know what I know?
Does it keep you up all night?
And when you fall asleep for a second
It wakes you up in sweat-soaked quakes
Do they know?
Does anyone know?
What I see? Or am I like some cursed prophet
Destined to share the news
But not not stop it
Change it
Correct it
New direction, skipped turn, resistance,
I’ve been through this once before and
I survived, my muscles were hot,
My hands were cramping and
That’s around the time I developed that limp
From sore bones, shin splints,
I took it with me, carried it through,
Tucked it away
Still feel it, still ache from it
I swore I saw you, your shadow,
I know you’ve been watching
Stay out of here
The farther away you get from the thing you fear,
The less it controls you

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