The Key to the City

I saw you watching me.
I know you’re sorry, I know you won’t say it
I still smell the acid nail polish, the fruity drinks
The sticky summer stink we all emit when it’s late
In the night and we’ve been up all day
Drinking talking sitting closer closer closer
You didn’t have to go along with it
Turns out you had so much more to lose
And you still can’t say you’re sorry
Why aren’t you sorry?
I’ve been through broken elbows and handcuffs,
Keyed cars, dented windows
A chipped tooth
Do you know what that’s like?
Do you know what it’s like to live with it?
To not walk away?
End the scene, back to your roleplay,
Back to your stately character,
The professor’s wife
While I’ve been hiding from helicopters
Staving off spotlights
Let the record show
I’m still here
And I’m vengeful

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