I can’t believe it but I have to
I saw the blood coming through the walls
Open ventricles, surrounded vessels, body parts,
Trash bags
We came up together and you did this
How could you do this?
Did you know everyone will know that you did this?
How could you do this?
Do you think you have any jurisdiction?
Do you think the villagers crave a king?
So dramatic, bombastic, easily frayed
Terror is nothing new
It’s easy to control when they fear you
I tried calling you, reaching you,
Feeling you through the soundwaves,
The cosmic vibration that conceive concentration
I am here my dear. I am begging you
Did you know the flowers come from seeds
And seeds come from flowers
And we’re all just powerless
Planting our pieces, framing this mystery
I feel rusty
I feel like kicking and screaming
I feel like if I stop for one second
I will just disappear
Tell the truth, it’s your turn,
I didn’t have a say in this
We are all waiting on you

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