It looks great but it’s joyless
A superficial show, compatible harmony
I can’t believe he fell for it
I can’t believe she hasn’t stopped
Like it can be controlled, voted on,
Declared, elected, like someone’s really out there enforcing it
Spellbinding the sides of the universe into a perimeter
Patrol the grounds, build the barriers
Act like you can make me unexist
Unhear my words, undo that thing
We often think about but never mention.
You weren’t there, you couldn’t be,
I was the one who told you to leave
Blame conditions, blame society
Trite expressions, bitter sympathy,
It wasn’t supposed to happen to me.
I forgot one time
Now I’ll never let it go
Through the attack, between the bullets,
Underground, out of bounds
Chase me, I won’t be waiting
There is no end to this
No one survives, no one’s left,
Just old ladies and communists.

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